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Love from Space

Running a marathon from space

Tim Peake completed a whole marathon in the international space station when he virtually ran the London Marathon. He also set the record for the fastest space marathon completed.

He is a British astronaut that completed the marathon in 3 hours, 35 minutes. He started running at 10 AM using a treadmill designed with a harness to strap Tim down so he could run. He was virtually at the starting line while his messaged streamed to people. He was super excited to share this amazing memory with everyone. Thousands of people run this marathon every year.

Peake was the second time an astronaut ran a marathon from space. He said he maintained hydrated while running. The hardest part was at the 18 miles. He had to drink one pouch of water per hour. It was an incredible experience.


Girl Please

Things that a man should automatically do to show he really does love you. 

  1. Surprise you once in a while
    1. A man should show you he really cares by surprising you on random occasions. To be surprised is once of the best feelings in the world. It is the best because you are unsuspecting. It comes truly from the heart because he planned it all on his own. He put the time to plan it out. If he does not surprise you ever then maybe it is time to look into a  real man and not a boy. He should definitely surprise you with a Sacramento Limo. Our a limo anywhere where you live. That would be the most amazing feeling ever. Make sure to leave some hints around the house.
  2. Pay for your meals
    1. A man should pay for your meals, only if you can truly afford it. Of course that are student men or others that cannot afford paying their girls every meal and it is understandable. But if you could, you should. My man has a good job and he does not mine paying for me all the time and we are two years into our relationship.
  3. He is your handyman
    1. Make sure your man is a real man and he likes to work with tools. If your man does not like to work with tools then you are dating a woman. There needs to be a desire to help around the house if you are the one cleaning and cooking. However, I think that the chores should be separated fairly. I guess what I mean more is that there is desire to help you out in simple situations and want to help you.  If you ever need you AC fixed then maybe do not let your boyfriend fix it unless he really knows what he is doing. On the other hand just call the ac repair professionals in your area.
  4. He does not go to the club ( every weekend)
    1. Hello ladies! If your “man” is going out to the club every weekend, is that a little suspicious?  Why isn’t he hanging out with you. Is his excuse that you are underage? HAHA Girl, you just been played. Your man should not go to the club with out you and or your man could maybe go alone, but on special occasions like a homies birthday.
  5. He really love you
    1. It is really quite obvious when a man really loves a woman. Everyone around knows it and are grossed out by it. He will talk to other people about you and make sure they know you are his. He will make sure you are happy at all times. He will notice all the little things that you always do. He will annoy you. He will respect you. He loves you.