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Trump VS Women

Trump VS Women

Many people do not believe that trump is going to get any woman’s vote other than his daughter and wife’s. He really has a high negative rating when it comes to women because of all the statements against women that he keeps saying.

Many people wonder how he has made it this far.

Among other things, celebrities are announcing that if Trump becomes president of the USA they are packing their bags and moving to international countries. Trump only has one thing to say, “Pack your bags,” is that Trump says.

Trump said that Whoopi Goldberg leaving would be a great thing for our country. WTF!? Why is he even talking about this. There are more important policies to discuss and people are worried about if Trump thinks Whoopi should leave or not. Trump has said so many mean things to celebrities and fans and he give two shits about us. Why is he still even in the race? That shows how stupid the American people can be. They are lazy, stupid, fucks. Sorry for my language.

Trump is a celebrity that only cares about himself. He barely cares about his only family. That is sad when Americans are voting for someone who doesn’t even care about them. Wake up America!

Do you want Trump to ruin America??!

Life is a trip.

Life is not easy for anyone. Not even the super rich people.

Life is a journey of learning. Since one is born you are forced to learn the harsh realities of life. The first time we learn how to walk we fall down and cry as hard as we can. For some children, life is made much easier with the help of their parents. Parents are suppose to be there help you get back up when you fall alas showing you their is hope and happiness in the world. Some children are not as fortunate to have their parents help them up. They must learn to get up on their own.

We all experience life differently. No one’s life is exactly the same.

Love is something we also learn as we grow up. It can be the best feeling in the world, but it can also be the worst feeling in the world.

I will talk in my blog a lot about relationships and about life.